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No Experience Needed!

          Minimum Requirements to Qualify For Postal Jobs:

             18 Years Old

            US Citizen or have a Green Card

          If you meet the minimum requirements, you may be
          eligible for positions with the Postal Service.

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In the near future, YOU could be working for the second largest employer in the United States.

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Starting pay for entry-level full-time Post Office Jobs is $14 to $24 per hour. Some employees also receive overtime pay, night shift differential, and Sunday premium pay.

Which Postal Job Do YOU  Want?

      • Mail Carrier - Cases, delivers, and collects mail along a route, using a vehicle or on foot. Provides customers on the route with a variety of services. Some rural carriers may sell stamps, money orders, etc., and register, certify, or insure mail. Learn more...

      • Mail Sorter/Processor - Operate mail processing equipment or manually sort mail. Their main role is to prepare mail for distribution. Load and unload containers of mail onto and off trucks. Learn more...

      • Postal Services Clerk - Sells stamps, money orders, mailing envelopes, boxes, etc. in a retail environment. They may also answer questions, weigh packages, rent post office boxes, and register, certify, or insure mail. Learn more...

These positions are full-time, part-time or casual/temporary AND come with excellent benefits like paid training, access to health insurance, and paid time off!

473 postal exam

When you apply for these jobs, you’ll be scheduled to take the Postal Battery Exam (473/473-E).

This new, electronic exam has two timed sections.

The first section is a Personal Characteristics & Experience Inventory test. The purpose of this section is to build a profie of your personality and experience. You will have approximately 90 minutes to complete this section.

The second section will test your memory, coding, sorting, and interpreting skills. You will have approximately 40 minutes to complete this section.

There are three parts to this section:

1.  Address Checking (60 questions)
  • Each question consists of a pair of addresses. You have to determine if the two addresses are exactly the same, totally different, or somewhat different (either the address or the zip code is different).

2.  Form Completion (30 questions)
  • Various postal forms are shown and you are asked how they should be completed.

3.  Coding (36 questions) & Memory (36 questions)
  • For both coding and memory questions, you will be shown a chart of delivery routes and various address ranges that fit within those delivery routes.
    • For the coding questions, you will be asked questions about the delivery routes and addresses.
    • For the memory questions, you will be asked qustions about the delivery routes and addresses, however, you will not be able to look at the chart to answer the questions.

A passing score on the exam is 70, but, you NEED to score higher if you want to get hired.

Competition for Postal Jobs is TOUGH!  WE CAN HELP!

Learn the strategies that will GUARANTEE your high score!

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